If you use your laptop computer for work, school, or other activities that involve typing, then it’s important to keep the keyboard clean. Not only will this help improve your typing accuracy, but it can also help prevent the build-up of bacteria. In this blog post, we’ll outline a few simple steps that you can take to clean your laptop keyboard.

What can I use to Clean my Laptop keyboard?

There are a number of different cleaning products that can be used to clean your laptop keyboard, including specialized keyboard-cleaning wipes, household cleaners, and microfiber cloths.

Some people prefer to use simple household items like rubbing alcohol or diluted vinegar for more sensitive keys, though it’s important to take care when using these types of products, as they can damage the keyboard if used incorrectly.

Regardless of which cleaning products or methods you choose, it’s important to be gentle and thorough when cleaning your laptop keyboard. For best results, start by unplugging the computer and shutting it down completely before beginning.

Before you start cleaning your keyboard, you need the materials to do it safely:

  • A clean, lint-free cloth or microfiber clot.
  • Household cleaners or specialized keyboard cleaning wipes.
  • Diluted vinegar or rubbing alcohol, if desired.
  • Gloves for protection against harmful chemicals or dirt and grime.
  • An empty spray bottle.

How to clean your laptop keyboard?

  1. Start by unplugging your laptop and shutting it down completely. If you are using a desktop computer, make sure that it is also turned off before beginning.
  2. Gather your cleaning materials and put on gloves to protect your hands from dirt and grime.
  3. Using a clean, lint-free cloth or microfiber cloth, gently clean the top of your keyboard, focusing on any stains or debris that might be present. Avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners at this stage, as they could damage the keyboard surface.
  4. If desired, you can use a diluted vinegar solution or rubbing alcohol to more thoroughly clean smaller keys and hard-to-reach areas of the keyboard. Be sure to apply the solution carefully and avoid getting it in any moving or electrical parts, as this could damage your computer.
  5. When you are finished cleaning, use a fresh, dry cloth to gently pat the keyboard dry and remove any excess liquid or dust that might be present.

How do you clean under the keys on a laptop?

There are a few different methods that can be used to clean under the keys on a laptop keyboard. One option is to gently pry the keys off using a small, flat-head screwdriver or another tool. This can allow you to access any dust or debris that might be trapped underneath and can help prevent stains or other damage from occurring.

Another option is to use compressed air or a vacuum cleaner to gently blow or suction out any accumulated dust and grime. Whatever method you choose, it’s important to be careful and take your time when cleaning under the keyboard keys, as you don’t want to damage any delicate components of your computer.

Nothing ruins productivity like a laptop breakdown

If you rely on your laptop for work, school, or other essential activities, then the last thing you want is a sudden breakdown that leaves you unable to get anything done. Unfortunately, laptop problems can happen at any time, and there is no guaranteed way to prevent them from occurring.

One thing you can do to minimize the risk of a breakdown, however, is to take good care of your laptop. This means keeping it clean and dust-free, making sure that the power cord and other accessories are in good working order, and seeking professional help when necessary. Additionally, having an up-to-date backup of your important files can also help you recover quickly from any unexpected


At the end of the day, taking good care of your laptop is one of the best ways to minimize the risk of a breakdown and keep your productivity levels high. Whether you use simple cleaning methods or invest in specialized products and services, being diligent about keyboard maintenance can help ensure that your computer stays running smoothly for years to come.

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